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I am a rose,

You are my thorns that help to protect me.
I am the sun,

You are my rays that help me to shine.
I am a stream,

You are my water that fills me with dreams and hopes,

I am a heart,

You are my beat that beats steadily to my happiness,

I love you always and forever <33


When I’m around you it feels like nothing matters,

I feel carefree and happy.

When I’m around you it feels like I can fly,

Like I can reach up and touch the stars.

When I’m around you it feels like I have a million butterflies in my tummy,

I get that nervous happy feeling.

When I’m around you I feel complete,

Like you’re my second half.

When I’m around you it feels like I love you,

And.. well.. I do.


You are like a dazzling stream,

Your hair shines,

Like the suns rays do on the water.

Your voice creates sweet music,

Like the rush of the current.

Your eyes are beautiful,

Like the flowers growing along the waterway.

In fact,

No stream can amount to your beauty.



I’ll stand by,
And always will be there.

I’ll hold you up,
when you’re weak.

I’ll catch your tears,
whenever you may cry.

I’ll just be there,
through thick and thin.

I am your friend,

And I always will be.


Friendship is like a breeze,
You can't hold it,
Or smell it,
Or even taste it,
But you can always feel it,
And you'll always know it's there.


I share..
Your laughter,

Your secrets,

Your wishes and cares,
And I will always be here for you,

throughout the many years.

Break Ups


<3 The thought that stops my heart,

Is that You are proof to me that angels exsist,

Your words are my food,

your breath is my wine

You mean everything to me.

Yet I mean nothing to you.

<3 The Thought that stops my heart,

Is that you hold a heart in your hands,

That has never before been given away before,

And you tore it apart,

Yet you don’t even care.


Do you understand that I've left?

Do you comprehend that I don’t care anymore?

You must have forgotten to have a reality check,

Because I’m not involved with you anymore,

I’m gone,

For good.

Buh Bye!

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