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Poems and Quotes
About This Site

Hey, I hope you enjoy my site!! Take a look around and see if you like any of my poems or quotes. Feel free to add them to profiles or home pages or whatever you would like to do.

Sorry for the limited selection of poems and quotes.
There are more coming but are currently under construction. For now this is all I've got.

Poem of the month:

I am a rose,

You are my thorns that help to protect me.
I am the sun,

You are my rays that help me to shine.
I am a stream,

You are my water that fills me with dreams and hopes,

I am a heart,

You are my beat that beats steadily to my happiness,

I love you always and forever <33
Quote of the month:
Life is short... so laugh insanely, kiss slowly, love honestly, forgive quickly, and most of all - have no regrets!

By: Nicole

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